Nawiązaliśmy współpracę z kancelarią prawną z Indii (SANJAY KALRA & Associates)

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Miło nam poinformować, że nawiązaliśmy współpracę z kancelarią prawną z New Delhi SANJAY KALRA & Associates. Obserwujemy coraz większe zainteresowanie polskim i europejskim rynkiem nieruchomości wśród obywateli Indii. Szukają oni okazji inwestycyjnych na stabilnych, europejskich rynkach oraz coraz częściej widzą potencjał inwestycji w duże projekty deweloperskie. 

Wychodząc naprzeciw popytowi i chcąc zapewnić transparentny i sprawny dostęp do polskiego rynku postanowiliśmy nawiązać wspłópracę z kancelarią, która specjaliuje się w inwestycjach zagranicznych. 

O naszym partnerze:

SANJAY KALRA & Associates is .one of the fastest growing law firms in New Delhi, India, with a high profile team of fourteen professionals who render comprehensive legal services to overseas investors and multinational corporations involved in manufacturing , trading operations or financial services and numerous Public and Private Sector Undertakings and Corporates, etc., in India.


Mr. Sanjay Kalra, Advocate, has been registered to practice as a FOREIGN LEGAL CONSULTANT in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

The Legal Services Provided Embrace The Areas Of Joint Ventures, Foreign Collaborations, Venture capital ,Litigation & Legal Support ,Feasibility Report, Business Plan, Legal Research, Formation Of Subsidiary Companies, Foreign Investment Promotion Board ( FIPB ) Approvals, Reserve Bank Of India  ( RBI ) Approvals, Acquisition &  Mergers Of Companies, Exchange Control Regulations, Service Tax cases, Immigration ( EB5 , L-1 Visa ,Tier 1etc), International  Adoption, Excise Law, International Law,  Intellectual Property  Act, Information and Technology act, Corporate law, Customs Act, Law Relating To Monopolies And Restrictive Trade Practices, Consumer Protection Act,  Property And Real Estate, Civil, Criminal & Commercial Law, Foreign Exchange Management Act ( FEMA ), Arbitration And Conciliation Act, Environmental Law, International commercial Arbitration, Matrimonial Laws, online Research, Reviewing and Reporting Documents, Drafting, Corporate due diligence support, Mortgage processing and Intellectual  Property  Researching, Drafting and applications of Patents and so on.

Commercial Litigation

We have a national practice of litigators supported by an extensive infrastructure of paralegals. The litigation group has broad and deep experience handling litigation matters in the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts and other Courts and Tribunals at the trial and appellate levels as well as in Arbitrations and other Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings. Our litigators are equally comfortable representing plaintiffs or defendants and are accustomed to handling matters of exceptional complexity, such as nationwide class actions, parallel civil and administrative proceedings, and nationwide and multidistrict litigation.

SPORTS:- Endorsement Contracts; Promoter Agreements; Management Contracts; Event Sponsorship Agreements; Travel Rights Agreements; MoU for Sponsorship of Sports Events; Marketing Rights Agreements; Venue Contracts.

FILM AND TELEVISION:- Company Incorporation; Government Approvals; Key Personnel Employment Contracts (Director, Producer, Writer, Actor); Distribution Agreements; Music Synchronization Agreements; Acquisition of Literary Property; All issues and Clearances relating to Copyright & Trade Mark; Releases; Location Contracts; Assignment and Waiver of Rights; Merchandise Agreements; Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreements; Photographers Agreements.


MUSIC:- Company Formation; Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreements; Issues relating to Joint Ownership of Copyright; Recording Contracts; Online License and Distribution Agreements; Distribution Agreements; Record Deals; Licensing; Releases; Songwriter Agreements; Group/Band Member Agreements; Trade Mark, Name & Logo; Venue Contracts; Tour Member Agreements.

PUBLISHING:- Publishing Agreements; Copyright Advice; Adaptation Advice.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:- Advice on selection, availability and use of IP; Cease & Desist Letters; Copyright Application & Registration; Copyright Searches; Copyright Infringement; Domain Names; Trade Mark Application & Registration; Trade Mark Searches; Trade Mark Cautionary Notices; Trade Mark Infringement; Patent Application & Registration; Advice on protection of Trade Secrets in India; Design Application and Registration.


Our services include advising various stakeholders (owners, developers, governments, investors, lenders, contractors etc.) in the infrastructure sector. It ranges from acting as a legal adviser to financiers of projects and the preparation and negotiation of the financing documentation, inter-creditor arrangements and trust and retention documents, to the carrying out of due diligence on the project contracts and preparing and negotiating project documentation for stakeholders.

Our services include advice related to structuring of Project Company, tax structures, advice on legal, regulatory and transactional issues at the various stages of project conception and execution. Our counsels provide the client complete legal solutions and advice from pre-qualification stage to bidding, to the tender process to final execution of documents.


We have a dedicated core team of experts selected for providing the requisite services with the right mix of expertise and experience, which ensure that our services are of the highest quality. Our core M&A Practice Group is assisted by experts from other related key areas such as employee benefits, environmental regulation, antitrust, intellectual property, real estate and tax. Besides dedication to work, counsels at our firm endorse high quality of work, and provide prompt and integrated service to the clients based on their needs and requirements.

Technology Transactions

Our Technology Transactions Group assists clients with matters related to the acquisition, conception, creation, development, implementation, integration, protection, use, licensing, financing, marketing, and sale of technology, and with complex technology service agreements. With experienced lawyers, we are able to handle technology-related transaction. Our Lawyers can work together seamlessly marshalling resources to meet specific client needs.

Real Estate Practice Areas

Apart from catering to client needs on the traditional sale and purchase transactions, the firm has multi faceted areas of practice but not limiting to apart from mainly focusing on the following:

1.       Entry Level Strategy Planning

Entry Level Legal Approach and Legal Structuring of Foreign Direct Investment for Individual Foreign Investors, Foreign Companies, Wholly owned Subsidiaries, Foreign Institutional Investors and Non-Resident Indians.

2.       Location Analysis, Site and Title Search

Legal Assistance for finalizing most favourable / preferred location and other allied searches including vetting of documents and verification of title.

3.       Due Diligence

Carrying out thorough and exhaustive client specific and also client specified (in particular instances) Due Diligence and similar like exercises before advising clients.

4.       Transactional Compliance

Legal Assistance in Mandatory Procedural Compliance for various transactions.

5.       Joint Ventures and Joint Developments

Legal Structuring and Counselling for Domestic as well as Cross-Border Joint Ventures and Joint Development Agreements.

6.       Lease Administration

Lease and Lease related Legal Assistance and Administration.

7.       Pre/Post Purchase/Sale Compliance and Documentation

Complete legal procedural advice for regular Pre/Post Purchase/Sale and all relevant documentation including, Issuance of Letter-of-Intent, Public Notice, Agreement-to-Sale, Sale Deed etc.

8.       Dispute Resolution and Litigation including Landlord/Tenant Proceedings

The firm handles, represents and advises client concerns in Litigation on case-to-case basis vis-à-vis Landlord/Tenant, Buyer/Seller, Lessor/Lessee matters and also Dispute Resolution Procedures for the same.

The Firm regularly undertakes work relating to consumer, litigation, labour, corporate advisory and strategic planning for real estate.

The firm is a Member of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI ) which is an apex body representing the largest and most reputed business houses and industrial groups in India. We are also members of the India Council Of Arbitration ( MICA ) , Joint Business Council ( JBC ) and European Economic Chamber of Commerce India. Furthermore, we are members of The Inter-Pacific Bar Association ( IPBA ) and South Asian Bar Association Of North California (SABA)and Indian Federation of United nation Association(IFUNA) as well.



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